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Text to Speech

Development Example

The RealWear Devices comes with a built-in text to speech engine that can relay text to the user by reading it out aloud. This allows for quick pieces of information to be given to the user without them having to view the screen.

private final String ACTION_TTS = "com.realwear.wearhf.intent.action.TTS";

private final String EXTRA_TEXT = "text_to_speak";
private String EXTRA_ID = "tts_id";
private final String EXTRA_PAUSE = "pause_speech_recognizer";

private final int TTS_REQUEST_CODE = 34;

private void textToSpeech() {
final String speech = "Welcome to the RealWear Navigator text to speech engine";

final Intent intent = new Intent(ACTION_TTS);
intent.putExtra(EXTRA_TEXT, speech);
intent.putExtra(EXTRA_ID, TTS_REQUEST_CODE);
intent.putExtra(EXTRA_PAUSE, false);

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