A familiar Android device... but different

RealWear's HMT-1 platform is easy to use and scales up based on your needs. Running Android 8.0 (Oreo), you can get the app working on the HMT-1 with voice commands quickly and easily. No SDK required.

Want to go further? No problem. Using metadata, you can optimize your app at the source code level and get an even more robust and optimized user experience.

RealWear Explorer: An essential dev tool

Developing on HMT-1 is easy and efficient. We built RealWear Explorer because we are obsessed with making it easy to develop on the HMT-1 platform. The tool mirrors the HMT-1 screen to your desktop, allows for easy APK installation, tests and optimizes WearML binary applications for voice, and provides a host of useful tools and utilities to save you time.

RealWear Explorer

What's your environment?

HMT-1 works well with applications and web pages developed from a variety of common environments. Click on your development environment to find out more details, including code samples and demonstration applications: