Release notes

Below are the release notes for each version of WearHF.

HMT-1 Release 10

For the full release notes for Release 10, visit the link below:


Version 5.03 is a firmware release specific to the HMT-1Z1. Content and release notes are identical to HMT-1 Version 9.05. See 9.05 below for release notes.


New features

RealWear typically tunes microphones before each firmware release based upon feedback from customers and partners. Both front and side microphones have been tuned.

RealWear Firmware OTA solution is now hosted on Amazon Web Services in the United States under RealWear’s direct control. This move provides enhanced security, flexibility and responsiveness.

Brightness control has changed from 5 levels to 10 levels for improved brightness control and in anticipation of a future increases in brightness levels in hardware.

In response to customer feedback for improved sound control, volume control has changed from 5 levels to 10 levels.

The following Google Android security patches have been integrated into the operating system. RealWear has implemented selected patches available for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset based on availability from Qualcomm and an assessment of severity and applicability to non-smartphone, non-Google Play Store devices.

  1. CVE-2017-0475
  2. CVE-2017-0637
  3. CVE-2017-0592
  4. CVE-2017-0591
  5. CVE-2017-0590
  6. CVE-2017-0589
  7. CVE-2017-0588
  8. CVE-2017-0587
  9. CVE-2017-0543
  10. CVE-2017-0542
  11. CVE-2017-0541
  12. CVE-2017-0540
  13. CVE-2017-0539
  14. CVE-2017-0538
  15. CVE-2017-0473
  16. CVE-2017-0472
  17. CVE-2017-0471
  18. CVE-2017-0470
  19. CVE-2017-0469
  20. CVE-2017-0468
  21. CVE-2017-0467
  22. CVE-2017-0466
  23. CVE-2017-0407
  24. CVE-2017-0406




New features

The speech engine has been improved to allow for greater accuracy of speech command recognition, as well as decreased time between vocalized commands allowing you to speak commands more rapidly.

Enhanced settings now allow you to toggle between both of the standard Bluetooth modes. Allowing the HMT-1 to act as a Bluetooth master or slave device.

The SD card is now configured for portable use, allowing you to easily transfer photos and videos taken on the HMT-1 to a separate computer or other HMT-1.

Dictation has been localized to the device for the English, Chinese and German languages, meaning for these languages a Wi-Fi connection is no longer required for speech-to-text functionality.

The auto-mute function has been made available by default.

In situations in which you have the display pointed away from your field of view you can still communicate via the newly enabled rear microphones.

It is now possible to sleep, power off and reboot the device hands-free, making easier to power cycle during situations in which the use of your hands is critical.

You can now preform a hot-swap of the HMT-1 battery, maintaining the state of all the open applications without the need for a full power cycle.





New features