RealWear Explorer

RealWear Explorer is a PC/Mac desktop application that connects to the HMT-1 using a standard micro USB cable. It mirrors the HMT-1 screen to your desktop, allows for easy APK installation and provides a host of useful tools and utilities. RealWear Explorer is also the tool required to create and test WearML scripts to optimize binary applications for voice.

Download for Windows (v4.0.0) Download for Mac (v4.0.0) More Information

RealWear Companion App

The RealWear Companion App helps users to interact with a HMT-1. It features a remote keyboard for entering text without using voice, a tool for connecting the HMT-1 to a WiFi network and a tool for configuring the data and time settings.

The app is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Download from Google Play Download from App Store

Developer Examples

The Developer Examples app shows some of the key features available when developing for the HMT-1.

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